Know of any businesses who have impressed
the livin' (censored) out of you?

These have impressed ME!
Joe's Crab Shacks:  We finally got one of these convenient to me, but
I'd been driving twenty miles to go to the one in Jersey ever since IT opened.  
You will not find friendlier people, better food or a more 'fun' atmosphere at a
seafood house.   It AIN'T cheep, but it IS freakin' wonderful AND you get a LOT
of chow for the buck!  Drinkies are good-sized, well-poured and nicely priced.   
Desserts are murderously good.    

You are gonna go a long ways before you bea
t this chain of stores!   10 outta
ten for me!

(Actually, I recently went to get dinner and they'd closed at my local location....
so I drove 25 minutes and ate at the next nearest one.  Still worth the drive!)

Office Supply Hut:  out of Michigan.  Either they have it and will ship it
at once, or they TELL you they're out of it.  I ordered pens on 6/25 and had
them 6/26.  Now, you can NOT ask for better than that for service!   Say hey on
Bob Doyle!  

Maybe they're not the cheapest on the block.... they're one of the most reliable!

Give a look and make an order.  You will NOT be sorry.