Polished Deer Antler with Stainless Steel

           Three different shaped spikes - material varies  

                   Stainless Steel, Brass and Ebony

303 stainless and brass with a Diamond Turks-head cover

        Damascus steel with Olivewood or Ebony handles

    Detail of the Damascus steel and polished globes.
Custom Spikes
and tools
Last updated  11-02-2015
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I met PeeJay about six years ago at a knotting convention in
St.Michaels' Md. at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum.

The museum was so-so, but the knotting group was
incredibly talented, and PeeJay's spikes were one of the
"talks of the town".   I traded a very nice neck lanyard for
one of his spikes and I've never looked back since.  

His tools feel like part of your hand and are so usable you
begin to think they're your fingers!

What's really outstanding is the fact that they're so beautiful
as well as being so practical.

This page is put up on Nov 2 2015 and I hope to have many
more examples of his work for you to drool over.  If we're
REALLY nice, he may even supply a few descriptions for us!


If you want to purchase one of PeeJay's spikes for yourself,
you can contact him
HERE by email.
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