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The most common type of square-knot work is generally used in belts and
lanyards.  There is a long tradition of making lanyards for Boatswain's Calls
(Bosun's Pipes) and for knives and other tools used aloft.  The lanyard can be
incredibly fancy or plain and utilitarian depending on taste, but they are all
used to be sure that you don't lose a tool over the side or drop it from a
height and injure a shipmate.

Belts, however,  are the epitome of the square-knotter's art.  I make regular
12-line belts
("A") of #18, (1-1/8") #21 (1-1/4") or #24 (1-1/2") cotton seine
which are quite nice and entirely serviceable at a rate of $4.50 per inch.  
16-line belts of #18 cord
("B") (1-3/8") run $5.00 per inch  The larger 20  line
#18 belts
("C") (1-5/8" - 2") are $5.50 the inch,  while 24-32 line belts are on
special quotation only.  20-line and up also require either very large
belt-loops in one's Bermudas or use as an "overbelt" for ladies blouses or
tunics.  All belts are priced on the actual measurement supplied and include
an additional 8" of plain "tongue" to allow for buckling and for growth
about the middle.  For a longer than 8" tongue, specify the length desired
and add $3.50/inch to any width belt.

Note:  As a rule, I do not use nylon for belting work as it does not want to hold
the friction!)

Buckles are problematic.  I normally supply them with a simple silver or gold
coloured brass buckle sufficiently wide in the throat to accommodate the
width of the belt, but I can make belts up to
your favourite buckle as well.  If
you have a belt that no longer fits and you'd like to re-use the buckle you
need only send it to me and I can cast the belt directly onto it.

PLEASE read the instructions for measuring yourself for a belt
HERE!  This is dead serious stuff...a mistake in measurement  
will lead to your ownership of something you cannot
good for you or for me!  Following the directions will ensure that
you get a belt that fits the first time!

No matter the size or how fancy or plain these may be, the belts are
intended as WORKING belts, not mere ornaments.  They are as
strong as a comparably-sized leather belt and have held up a long
history of bell-bottom trousers. Yes, they ARE "ART", but they're
meant to be WORKING art.

Standard (or plain) knotted belts are infinitely adjustable, which is great for
those whose waistlines
(like mine) have a tendency to vary from minute to
minute!  While I usually put a demarcation to separate the belt body from
the tongue,  this can be ignored with a single-tang buckle and just about any
point in the belt can be used for buckling, due to the way they're
constructed.  Belts with a more ornate design will have the decorations end
about 1" from the point where the edge of the buckle falls on the belt. Then
the eight inch tongue comes into play and allows for a variety of points of

I do carry some pre-made belts in all categories to fit sizes from 22 inches
through 44 inches but I much prefer to make them up on a per-order basis.  

Sailing wheels are also a speciality.  Please click on the picture of the
wheel to be taken to that page.

To order a belt or for quotes on especially ornate belts or other flemishwork,
for questions or to share your winning lottery ticket with me, you may call
me direct at home:
(215) 843 7207 or email me.
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