Section "C":   20-line belts
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Regular 20-line belts  of #18, (1-5/8" width) or #21 (1-7/8" width)  cotton
seine cord support the Diamond and "X" patterns better than the 16-line
belts.  The 20-line construction allow for some more ornate specials than the
12-line or 16-line belts, notably the "five-diamond" designs which require a
minimum of 20 lines to make correctly..   

Basic rate is $5.50 per inch.

Simple diamond or "X" details may be added at $10.00 each, minimum of
three details.  

"Five-Diamond" design available on this and larger belts at $30.00 @... I
advise two, one to either side, or three, which gives a balanced look to the
belt, but the choice is yours if you'd prefer one in the center.

Belts come with a belt loop for standard buckles or can be supplied with "H"
type buckles which do not need a loop.  

ALL belts come with 8" of tongue for buckling which is included in the above

Measuring:  Go  HERE  for instructions.

For a quote on a particular size with extras, to enquire as to
special, to ask a question or just to tell me what a wonderful fella
I am (well, the first three, at any rate)
EMAIL me or call
267-254-8984.  I'm usually home most days but there's
always an answering machine on, J.I.C.
Special belt for a Past-President of the
Philadelphia Folksong Society
Detail of the five-diamond
design.  Note how the inner
rows all cap each other off!
Another "HNK" belt made especially to advertise
the product it's wrapped around.
More 20-line belts coming up... I just need to photograph them!

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Same belt under construction
Style 20-HNK
(The "Hugs And Kisses" Belt)
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