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(Pic. #10)  When you reach the third set, reverse the
direction of the initial loop and you'll have a
symmetrical set of knots

(Again for clarity,  I shew this done on the fourth
[starboard outboard] set.)
(Pic. #11)   Shews the first row of squareknots with
two facing to port and two facing to starboard.

NOTE  how the knots are formed:   to either side of
the filler cords there is one loop facing UP and one
loop facing DOWN:  The UP loop determines the
orientation of the knot, so an UP loop to the RIGHT
is 'facing' STARBOARD and an UP loop to the
LEFT is 'facing' PORT.
(Pic. #12)  The next row is made by dropping lines
one, two and three (
sorry, line three got covered in the
),  picking up four and five, dropping six and
seven, picking up eight and nine, etc., until you
have 3 pair of standing parts.  Start the knot row as
described previously, but reverse direction at the
second set.  Again,  this gives you a "common
theme" for the belt of 2L/2R; 1L/2R; 2L/2R and so
That's it for the basic belt.  Just keep on knotting in
rows, remember to do the pattern.  (Pic. #13)
~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~
NOW you're going to want to put a belt loop in at this point, so
that the tongue of the belt has somewhere to be retained
rather than just flapping about (like my mouth).

Instructions (which I shamefacedly admit I forgot to do in the
first draught) are located

A link at the end of the page will bring you back here.
~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~
When you get to the end of however long you want
the belt to be,  knot 4 across, knot 3 across, knot
two across and knot the last centre one for a point.
Then see Page Three and use a double row of the
top part of the "cross" to end it off.  It will wind up
looking like this.

First row completed   (Pic. #14)
Second row added  (Pic. # 15)
Once the lines have been trimmed you can varnish the
back of the belt-tip or use methacrylate (SPARINGLY!) on
the back of the tip to keep it from coming apart.  (Pic. #16)
NOTE: methacrylate, even the "clear" type, as well
as varnish and most other glues/finishes will change
the colour of the material, so do it only on the back
of the tip and then only use just enough to hold it.

(Pic. #17)
CLEANING:     Hand-wash in cold water, (A light scrub-brush is just fine but try not
to attack the belt too harshly!),  rinse in a 10% solution of white vinegar and water
and hang out on a line to dry IN THE SHADE!
('Ow's 'At, Eddie?)
Otherwise the lines used will begin to resemble "Topsy" in that they "Jes' growed!" (they'll "fluff up")  
and you'll have a fuzz-ball instead of a belt.
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