Martin Combs
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Last updated  2006-11-01
Marty Combs lives in Elizabeth, NC and served in the US Coast Guard until his retirement in 2006.  He makes a lot of very pretty things
as well as being one of the premier suppliers of knotting supplies, books and some damn fine cotton codline and cotton small
ropes.   His #15 is one of the staples of my knotting and his homepage is
HERE if you need supplies.  You can't do business with a
nicer or more trustworthy individual.

Marty has many items posted to Dan Callhan's
Knotical Arts site... go poke around in there and you'll find all sorts of wonders!
"Here's a few photos of a cane I just finished.  I think I did pretty good for a piece of bamboo that I pulled out of a dumpster.  I should
have put longer crowning on the top part but I'll do that on my next try.  I got a nice piece of black bamboo that I'm going to use hemp on
for the knotwork:  I think it should come out good." (2006-11-01)
I had occasion to call Marty once, and when this deep voice answered the phone, I assumed it was he, but it was his son!  Obviously,
the photos below are from a somewhat earlier date as his son  is now 21!  (32!)

A pair of tillers Marty did for a friend when he was stationed in New England some years ago.