Belts and Instrument straps over 20 lines are considered specials.
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A 28-line instrument strap.

An unusually difficult and (to the best of my knowledge) totally unique pattern consisting of a
ten-diamond square repeated five times throughout the strap.  Finished strap is 40.5 inches long by
2-5/8" wide and used about 180 yds of #18 natural-colour codline cord in cotton.                                     

(one week lead)    

The ten-diamond square is actually nine interior diamonds contained within one exterior diamond.  Each
completed diamond takes about 1-1/2 hours to tie.  All the diamonds are "capped" (that is, the sides of each
diamond overlap the side at 90 degrees to them) which is another 'unique' feature, or at least one I've never
seen done by anyone else. (pic #2 & 3)
A Banjo strap intended for use on a Gibson mastertone Banjo-guitar.  One end has a long loop to go under the neck and attach
to a tension ring, the other a shorter loop  for attaching to either the tailpiece tension rod or a tension rod  beside it.  Also
shows the "extension strap" which would attach to the long strap end in case the user wishes to attach the strap to the
headstock of the banjo or to use it on a standard guitar.  51" o.a., 3.5" wide, (#18 line), 28 lines.  
A 36 line (#15 line) (3.75") strap set up
with buckles at both ends but intended for
use with a guitar, rather than a banjo.  
The buckles allow an adjustability limited
only by the length of the small strap
provided (and extendable in case of need
by use of an extension as in the one
above): with "button holes" in both strap
ends to accommodate the end-button on a
guitar or mandolin and allow the strap to
be used in either direction.

(There's a pattern developing in the size of the lines used...
Here's two pics of an experimental strap/belt I'm working on at present:  it's out of polyester cord appx. #9 gauge  (1.4mm)
and the cord eats my hands up so that I can only do it as they heal and callus over.  The cord actually cuts thru the callus!
I can't imagine anyone being so looney as ever to order one**, but it'll make
a nice demonstration /display piece.  4.75" wide, 52 lines  nylon cord.  
 Est. value: $1400.00
Any strap shewn can be modified for length and number of lines contained as per customer's desires...  Fewer or more detail
items can be added, they can be provided with straight "buttonhole" strap ends or the buckled ends as shewn.  Prices vary
dependant upon the number of lines and the amount of fancy stuff that goes into them:  feel free to send me an
email for a
quote or just to talk about them.  Love to hear from players... That's how I improve things.

Come back often to see additional pictures of straps as I complete them.
Overall and detail views of the 52-line strap.
** OK: I was wrong.  A rather famous musical person bought the strap for himself and was delighted with it, but, after
a few weeks, sent it back and requested I do it out of cotton line as the polyester was too stiff and was irritating to his
neck.   I replicated the strap in cotton, a little bit narrower and a lot softer and sent it to him.  After a week, I got a
letter back thanking me and enclosing ANOTHER check!  The deal is that I can keep this one and use it for a display,
or sell it as a belt, but that he wants this design to be the only one for a guitar strap.  

Well, two checks sure as hell buys him the patent!

I'd like to thank him publicly, but he don't want his name used, so... Thanks!