The Russian Sennit

Courtesy of Patrick Spierling,
The KHWW Saved Tutorials
US Navy Bureau of Personnel
BM 3 & 2 Manual
04 16 2018
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This is the first of quite a few tutorials sent me by Brian, the fella that started Knotheads World Wide, one of the better websites devoted to
tutorials and articles about knotting, which suddenly disappeared one day (for reasons concerning none of us ) leaving a plethora of material
lost in the ozone.

Brian has since shifted his interests to leather braiding (some REALLY superb work) so I am publishing the tutorials I have from the site here
so they are available for you  perusal, as well as practising my superb skills as being a pedantic ass.  

I do well at both, don'c'ha think?

The "Russian" Sennit is a 4-line basic unit sennit which can be expanded to any number of segments as long as they are 4
lines per segment.  You will need a place to hang three of the four component lines as you go along or to use the line
clamp described in Mr. Spierling's tutorial below.  
Below is the tutorial put together by Patrick Spierling (Kingsfoil) and
published on Knotheads World Wide.  Brian sent me quite a few of the
tutorials he rescued when KHWW went dark back in 2013 and it's taken me
several years to get them on the site... my apologies to Patrick, to Brian
and to my readers.