The Little Lump Knot
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Last updated  2008-07-14
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Tutorial for finishing the LLK
Tutorials I have seen are not really into much detail about the tying
of the LLK, so I hope this will help with some of the details a bit.

1:   The 8 strand wall knot ready to start on the LLK

2:    4 of the 8 strands are all that are used in the next step so I only
used every other strand.
Make a 4 strand crown knot as shown in pics 3 thru 6. Be sure to lay
strands as shown. The strands on the left side (X) of the four used to
make the crown knot are the ones that are followed or paralleled to
complete the not in later steps.
See larger pictures for "X'es")

3:    (see step 2)

   (see step 2)

5:    (see step 2)

6:    (see step 2)

7:   Tuck each of these 4 cords along side of the cord to it's left-  
Over 1 Under 1 for now.

8:   Side view showing following of cord on left side, Over 1 Under 1.

9:   Remaining 4 cords ready for final interlace

10:   Lace cords as shown  Under 1/ Over 1 and to the RIGHT side of
opposite cord

11:   Cords shown in finished  position.

12:   Next set goes Under 1 / Over 1/ Under 1 / Over 1 and to the
RIGHT side of opposite cord

13:  Both cords shown in the proper Over Under sequence.

14:    Tighten and even up cords as much as possible.

15:    The cords should all be in position now to follow the cord on it's
left, creating a doubled knot.

16:   Continuing the doubling process.

17:   Continue following the cord on the left in the
Over / Under sequence

18:   Following cord on left side.

19:   Continue with all 8 cords until they are all on top of the knot.
You will reach a spot were one more under will start tripling the

20:   That is when you go down through the edge of the knot

21:   Continue now taking all 8 cords through the edge of the knot
under the doubled section.


23:    Last cord going through edge of the knot.

24:    All 8 cords through the knot.

25:    Finished knot ready to dress and trim cords at bottom edge of

By Don Wright.  July 2008

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